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About Absolutely Anna

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to my first blog which I dreamed about since i was a little girl. I want to express myself in writing and tell you about my life here in Prague, Czech Republic. I guess that most of you might just ask yourself: "Where the hell is this place???" but don't worry, you are not the first and not the last! You will definitely read about Prague here on my blog. To introduce myself would take me hours, so I'll let my second blog post do it for me instead.

What you can expect here are weekly posts about traveling (that I enjoy the most), recipes (because I've found my passion for cooking about a year ago), my instagram (because I totally changed the content since 1st October), stories from my daily life or my thoughts (I am a funny person 🤓). And of course: please tell me what you want me to write about! I would be more than happy to hear from you guys! Hear your thoughts, ideas or just have a quick chat! ❣️ And don't worry, I am not that kind of blogger who will say they want hear from you and then doesn't reply 😤 I hate that too!

I hope that there will be something for everyone on my blog and that you will enjoy coming back! And don't be shy and write me 💥