Things To Love About Monday

Things To Love About Monday

Hi everyone and welcome back!

Tomorrow is Monday. And what does it mean? Angry faces of lots of people around you. I am definitely not a morning person and even more I am not a Monday person. Every Monday just kills the weekend and you have to wait another 5 days for the next salvation. Monday is my enemy, definitely my enemy. 

When we are all doing this 30 positive days challenge, I just tell myself that I am going to stand up to Monday and I am going to do my Mondays better again. If you are the same as me, read on to find out a few good things about Monday.

1. Fresh start

I definitely like fresh starts. I love the New Year when you can just start everything with a clean slate. But you can't mess up the year in the beginning, right? 😅 I feel like a horrible week is behind me and I can focus on the things in the future and never come back to the things from last week. With every Monday, you get yet another chance to have a great week! 

2. Coffee tastes better on Mondays

Yes, for real! If you are more of a coffee lover than tea lover, like me, you will definitely spot the difference. I love coffee every morning, but on Mondays it tastes even better. Coffee is the only thing that I'm looking forward to on a Monday morning and also the only thing that can help wake me up  😴. Try it with your favorite tea or coffee and let me know in the comments bellow! ☕️

3. Start planning your next weekend

From Monday to Friday is the longest time to plan your next trip. You have lots of time to think about it and plan it! If your weekend didn't go well, just plan for your next weekend! You can plan and arrange all the details and maybe invite some of your friends? 👯 If you definitely hate Mondays and can't wait till the next weekend, plan what you are gonna do from Friday to Sunday! 

4. Better Monday than Sunday

Hey guys, let's be honest. What could be worse than fear of Monday on Sunday? End of the week, you are stressing out because lots of tests are coming up on Monday and you actually can't relax at all on Sunday. Yet, on Monday evening, everything will be behind you and you can enjoy your evening with a good movie and nothing stressing you out! 🍿

5. Make someone else's day better

I know that Mondays are labeled as the worse day ever and everyone is a little bit angrier then for the rest of the week, right? What if someone else has had a very bad day? And what more, it was a Monday! Let's just be a little bit more positive on Mondays and make it a good day for someone just by saying hello or bringing flowers! 🌹

I hope guys that we all will survive Monday and everything will go according to the plan. 😉 Be positive on Monday and check out my positive challenge! ❤️


With Love,                                                                                                                                                    Absolutely Anna 

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